Do I have to give credit to a creative when I use their image?

The Stoctave license uses the Creative Commons Zero license, which doesn’t require credit to be given. However, we encourage giving credit to the creator if possible, since they generously donated their images for public use.

A simple credit like ‘Image by x’ with a link back to their Stoctave profile is always appreciated.

Can I use Stoctave images for commercial purposes?

Absolutely! The Stoctave license allows for photographs and images to be used for any purpose — both commercial and personal. Magazines, art, blogs, book covers, websites, tshirts, and more — paid or unpaid — they’re all allowed.

Can I sell Stoctave images?

Legally, the CC0 license allows you to sell the images posted on Stoctave. However, Stoctave contributors would dislike this and we believe it makes no economic sense, since the image is already free.

Our recommendation is to never sell a creative's work without adding to it with your own ideas, through remixing or other methods. We strongly suggest to ask yourself: did I add value to this in a way that it now deserves monetary retribution? If I were the original creator, would I see this as a creative use of my image?

How are images selected to be featured?

The featured images are chosen by our team. Please refer to the accepted themes to learn more about what themes we're looking to feature.

How do I get my image in the gallery?

The images featured in the Gallery are chosen by our team. To submit your images for selection, follow our submission guidelines.

How do I save images to my computer?

To save an image, simply click the ‘Download’ link below it. The highest quality version of the image, stored in Google Drive, will open in a new window.

Clicking the download button on the top right corner and selecting ‘Save Image As…’ or dragging the image to your desktop will save the image.

Can I delete an image once uploaded?

Yes. At this stage, you can request our team to delete any of your images. Simply contact us at info@molinavisuals.com.

However, due to the nature of the license, once an image is released under CC0, the license is permanent and non-revocable, which means that your image can continue to be used by the public (though it won’t be available on the Stoctave website). For more, read the Creative Commons FAQ on the CC0 license.

Why can't I include my trademark in my images?

Images submitted to Stoctave fall under the Creative Commons Zero license. Once you submit a photo to our team, we understand that you are donating the photo and that you assume the implications of this donation.

Why am I having issues to download the images?

If you discover any issues when using Stoctave, we would really appreciate hearing about it.

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